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Creative Ideas

JollyGrego has created some memorable  promos and commercials. Greg "Grego" is one of the best in creating a response in such a short amount of time. He does this with his unique writing and production. He loves to create light hearted comical characters. His characters and editing style work well in grabbing the viewers attention in a matter of seconds. Listen, nobody watches TV ads anymore. However, if the sound was turned off and you still can't look away, that's Greg style and that's a creative idea. 


Digital Promos Ads

Grego specializes in affordable, ad agency level, templated original promos. His promos are royalty free and can be used anywhere on the web and live performances. The promos are priced the same for all. That means, the same price for an individual as a large corporation. No membership fees, no ad agency cost, no production crew cost, no salesman. Greg fully produces with music and voice over to fit your business. No guessing on what the promo will look like. These are not your bland, boring picture templates or JollyGrego can create a new concept for you. Grego's promos get results! Check out our promo section to see the professional difference and what will work for your company!

Branding & Identity

What's your visual identity? How do people remember you? Is it comedy? is it A jingle? Is it a cleaver voice over? How about the writing style of the ad?  What do you want to say? You need to build a certain image of your company! Greg can help you with that. 


Social Media Marketing

This is the strongest and cheapest way to market. No more old school buying airtime on TV that everyone just fast forwards through. Post your JollyGrego's promos all over the web for free. Post them on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc...We can create a HD video and pic sales campaign. We create professional campaigns that fit your companies goals. Our videos are formatted to fit the specs of social media.


Voice Overs & Audio 

Affordable same Day voice overs! We use over 30 world class voice over talents! Voice overs for anything that requires voice talent. Projects like, internet promo videos, radio commercials, station promos, commercial campaigns, On-hold messages, corporate, comedy characters, unique copy, industrials and more... 


We now offer Spanish speaking talent for Spanish production. We can create the best voice over spot for your business.  Also, if your a production house we can create or assist you in creating the whole production or just the voice over talent based on your script and description. 

Editing Post Production

This a great service we offer. No Hourly costs! We can update an old commercial you might have with better post production. You might have footage you shot with your camera or Phone. We can take that footage and create a promo ad, commercial, etc. We can convert your videos into social media formats. Whatever, you might need demo reels, campaigns, ads, commercials, social media spots, graphics, voice over, extra stock footage, etc. We will work with you to keep the costs down. Editing can be expensive but with us, we will work with you on a per project base. That's why our upfront simple pricing is better and cheaper than some crazy hourly rate. JollyGrego wants to build a strong creative relationship so you can be successful! Overall, we want to allow anyone a chance to showcase their business or creative ideas. 


A Catchy Jingle works every time. As you read this, I bet you can hear one in your head right now. We can help you create a jingle that everyone will remember. We are located in Nashville, Tn and some of the greatest vocalist live right here! 


Greg O'Rourke 

T: 615-933-9806 / 818-679-3335


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